About Us

About World Technologies

Founded in the year 2013-14, World Technologies is a pioneering company in the field of technological advancements in education. We are headquartered in New York, USA, with our marketing office in New Delhi, India.

WT is a brain-child of a team of technologists who have been associated with the education industry for the past three decades.

The core team has been responsible for promoting extensive use of modern technology in combination with the traditional mechanism of imparting knowledge, especially in higher academic institutions and universities not only in India but also in many other developing countries. Our primary focus lies in publishing STM and professional e-books, for academic research libraries to educate and inform students, researchers, and academicians with the latest developments in a particular field in English medium.

About 100 software professionals, content validators, graphic animators, quality control personnel and programmers work to develop the latest products for education and strive to ensure continuous improvement and up-gradations. Our USP is that there is only a one-time payment for their extensive collection of e-books. There are NO hidden costs, or NO maintenance fees levied thereafter. After the payment, users will be free to utilize the company’s services for the lifetime.

Subject titles list

S.No. Subject Areas
1 Engineering and Technology
2 Agricultural Sciences, Life Sciences and Biosciences
3 Environmental Science
4 Geography and Geology
5 Basic and Applied Sciences
6 Medical Science
7 Pharmaceutical Sciences
8 Physical Education and Sports
9 Social Science and Humanities
10 Vocational Education
11 Journalism and Mass Communication
12 Law, Criminology and Forensics
13 Business, Management and Economics
14 Tourism and Hotel Management